Fruit Delivery

1. We will mail you a sheet of order forms for use by each of your group (enclosed). Please duplicate and distribute one to each of your group members to record their order.

2. They are to return these forms to you with their type of payment: check, money order, or credit card. Please note that the order form has a place for their name and credit card information if they chose to pay that way.

3. When you have all your group’s order forms, forward them together with their checks or other form of payment to us together with the TRANSMITTAL FORM which we have included for your use. Columns are for either the list amount or the discounted amount. (You qualify for the discounted amount if your order is 10 cases of fruit or jam. We can only record one type of payment – so please don’t fill out both columns. When we receive the order forms, we will stamp each individual order form “PAID” and put them in your file that the driver will carry with him when he goes to your stop. These will become the pick up ticket the driver will use to fill each individual order. Without pickup tickets, the truck driver will unload the entire order, verify it with you, and leave.

The distribution of individual orders will be left to you. We will try to deliver to your location if you have 25 or more cases of fruit or jam and you are not too far off our delivery route – otherwise your order will be combined with another group.

4. Credit card orders can also be submitted by phone, fax or e-mail. When mailing orders, send them to the address at the bottom of this page. If you so desire, you can pay for the whole group order with one check or credit card. The transmittal form we include can be used for this purpose. If you qualify for the discount with 10 or more fruit or jam cases (we prefer you take your discounts out ahead), you can send us the
discounted amount. You do not have to send in the whole list amount and wait for us to send you back a check. Discounts are $3 for each fruit and all jam products.

5. You will have the entire month to send in orders. We would like all orders in by the end of the month. We have left the deadline date blank on the brochure so that you can set your own deadline date before the end of the month to give you time to gather all the orders together. But if you have late orders beyond the Deadline, it is OK to send them in with payment to be added to your order as long as we have not closed the
load leaving for your area.

Although almost everybody shows up to pick up their order, there are a few who do not. At least $6.00 per box is spent on transportation to get the fruit to you. The trucks are loaded to capacity when they leave here and a person’s order that is not picked up means it took up space that could have been given to another order. Extra office work and bank charges are incurred in sending back refunds. Therefore, we have to institute a procedure to cover these costs and encourage folks to pick up their orders. The following policies on refunds will apply:

1. A 10% restocking charge will be deducted from the refund for no shows.
2. You must initiate all refund requests with a letter, fax, or e-mail – it won’t be done automatically.

You can submit your order by using our order form, by mail, by e-mail, by fax or by calling us. Personal checks are okay for individual orders as well as checks for the whole group order. Credit and Debit cards are OK as well.  Our drivers can’t take any money so all orders must be prepaid in order for your order to be loaded on the truck. To be included in the program or to obtain further information call (503) 663-6182, fax (503) 663-0965, or e-mail: